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Congratulations, Team LifeQuest member, Ted!

Author | Date Monday, June 27th, 2011 at 6:48 pm

 Congratulations to our Executive Director, Ted Rusinoff, for completing his first triathlon this past weekend wearing the Team LifeQuest jersey. The triathlon included a 400 yard swim, 12 mile bike ride, and 3.1 mile run. He finished the entire event with a remarkable time of 1 hour and 34 minutes; very good for his first time! Not only did he accomplish his preliminary objective he set less than a year ago to compete in a triathlon, but in every event he participated in he either met or exceeded the personal goals he set for success. Being able to fulfill his dream of becoming a tri-athlete has given Ted a greater sense of understanding and camaraderie with his fellow team members of Team LifeQuest. Although Ted is enjoying down time from training and looking forward to his next race, he is not foreseeing any “Iron Man” competitions in the near future!




LifeQuest World Fund Receives 501c3 Approval; Moves Forward With Habitat for Humanity and Haiti Relief Efforts

Author | Date Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 at 4:18 pm

DENVER (March 28, 2011) – The IRS has approved LifeQuest World Fund to operate as a tax-exempt, 501c3 charity.  The Denver-based nonprofit organization offers program development and assistance programs to individuals, small businesses, large corporations and charities.

Founder TJ Agresti said, “It is a rigorous process to become a qualified charity, and we are proud to have successfully completed it.”

Through the organization’s Charity-to-Charity™ model, LifeQuest World Fund brings together donors and charities to provide basic human needs – food, water, healthcare, education and shelter – to communities around the world. By working with LifeQuest World Fund, organizations can create an endowment program using funds generated by our Charitable Legacy Account™. The organization also provides donation assistance services for organizations and supports communities through its own initiatives.

Agresti added, “The work we do as a charity focuses on being a partner to other charities to help them be more successful.  Being a charity makes that partnership work flawlessly.”

LifeQuest World Fund is currently partnering with Habitat for Humanity to build a home in Denver beginning in August 2011. The organization also is a part of The Pinnacle Healthcare Consortium, which is currently working to establish much-needed infrastructure and social changes to the Nord Department of Haiti.

To learn more about LifeQuest World Fund and its Charity-to-Charity model, visit


LifeQuest for Homes Officially Launches 2011 Campaign

Author | Date Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 at 7:33 pm

DENVER – LifeQuest for Homes officially launches campaign to raise $126,000 for the construction of a home for a deserving Denver family.  LifeQuest World Fund is utilizing its C2C model to work in partnership with Habitat for Humanity.  Habitat will provide the expertise needed on the construction and logistics while LifeQuest focuses on raising the funds necessary and project administration. 

Sponsorship opportunities are still available! Click here for a PDF brochure.

Time to Build a House

Author | Date Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 at 6:58 pm

It has been dream for a long time to provide a home to a deserving family.  Now, we have the opportunity to live the dream.  We spent several months working with Habitat for Humanity to work out the logistics of building a home.  What a perfect partner.  Their commitment and experience are making the project possible.  Now we have to raise the money and bring in the volunteers to do the job. 

Why a home?  It is one the Basic Needs that I believe every human is entitled to.  Food, clean water, housing, education and health care are items that allow basic dignity to exist.  With dignity comes growth and the opportunity to escape poverty.

I ask all of you to join us on this journey, this LifeQuest, to put a family into a home and break the cycle of poverty for one family. 

I look forward to seeing all of you on the job site!

T.J. Agresti, Founder

LifeQuest World Fund’s Founder, TJ Agresti, Featured on Channel 9 for our Vision for Chile initiative.

Author | Date Sunday, February 27th, 2011 at 8:34 pm

Click here for the video!


Author | Date Saturday, February 5th, 2011 at 4:41 am

Why? Why would someone travel thousands of miles, at personal expense, to spend a week in the heat doing work that can be back-breaking and unglamorous, all to build a playground for children whom they do not know? Well, for the volunteers that are here, that question has been answered as the playground was dedicated today and the girls from the Hogar (Home) De Niñas La Granja flooded the new playground that will touch their lives for many years to come. Some had tears (I am referring to the volunteers who finally got to experience the culmination of their hard work). Others rode swings with the girls, slid down slides that were only dirt patches mere days ago, or lifted beautiful smiling faces onto colorful new playground equipment.

However, that does not answer to the question: Why? Why would the MDRT Foundation invest in a project like playgrounds when there are certainly more pressing world issues like food and water, clothing and education. We tend to overlook what it truly means to help others. In order to truly impact a life in need you have to feed mind, body and spirit. While there are organizations here that assist with the mind (education) and body (food), what happens when you do not address the spirit? A child may grow physically strong and mentally strong, but a childhood that does not allow for any fun, for the chance for a kid to simply be a kid, what kind of adult does that produce? It is for that reason that the MDRT Foundation and its funding partners, The Hancock Group and Prudential have joined with Kids Around the World to feed the spirit of young people. To provide a safe place for them to play; for them to “simply be a kid.” During our trip we also provided for “support” in some of the other keys areas. With assistance from our friends at LifeQuest World Fund, we were able to supply many needed items that the Hogar had on a “wish list”. Computer equipment for strong minds, appliances to help prepare nutritious meals, shoes (donated from our friends at Soles for Souls) and even games to help develop healthy imaginations.

Today, as we gather around the playground for a final group picture, it is time for us to say “adios”. Not only to the girls who have touched our lives forever, but to our team, MDRT members, family members and industry friends…people who we have come to know well over the week as we sweated and toiled together to create this beautiful playground. We know we will see each other again…we can only hope that we can be blessed to see these special children again.

Truth be told, tomorrow, nobody here is likely to remember who I am…who any of us are. However, we will know. Whenever we feel like our lives are not what they should be, we will remember today and these beautiful, happy little girls and know that our problems pale in significance. Yes, we will know.
The MDRT Foundation applauds the efforts of the Chile playground volunteers and its’ supporters whose efforts created a lasting legacy of hope. You can become an agent of change by supporting the MDRT Foundation in 2011 in the following ways:

-Volunteer for the Liverpool playground build (March 26-31, 2011). E-mail if you are interested in volunteering.

-Participate in the Soles4Souls shoe drive and benefit concert at the MDRT Annual Meeting (June 5-8, 2011) in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information visit,

-Make a gift online to support the MDRT Foundation’s global grant programs:

The Love of Chile

Author | Date Friday, February 4th, 2011 at 4:39 am

Yesterday was a beautiful and deep connection that can come from experiencing the love of a child, and today was a different kind of beautiful – seeing the landscape of the hills of Chile and Valparaiso, the port town of Chile. It would be hard to exceed the emotional experience of spending a day with the girls, but today we found out that the items we were able to purchase with the funds that had been donated were received by the Hogar and the House of Hope last night after we left. Hearing how excited they were for the gifts and items that would help to bring something we would consider a given or normal into their lives. Seeing the girls, the staff at the home and all the other moments that we have witnessed over the last few days really changes you. The richness and the blessings of our own lives that we all take for granted, once again became a recognized blessing and a grateful perspective was restored.

Our dinner tonight was in one of God’s secret garden spots – Chilean wine country. But the most beautiful and moving thing that was witnessed tonight was not there before our bus arrived. After dinner was completed, we shared some of the moments and encounters that touched our hearts over this trip. It would be hard to find more willing, serving and loving people than those who gather today at that table. To all of them, thank you for making this trip one that will forever leave a mark in our hearts and serve as a place to remain connected to for a long time to come.

The LifeQuest World Fund Team

Due to the generous donation of USD $6700.00 from The LifeQuest World Fund Team and donations from:

Soles 4 Souls
MDRT member Jim Hessenthaler
Peter Bechtel- Brisbane Financial Solutions
Goeff Rodgers, Chairman Rowland Communications

The following items were provided for the girls at the Hogar and House of Hope:

180 Pairs of Under Armour Athletic Shoes
30 Pairs of School shoes
2 Washing Machines
8 DVD players
Laptop Computer
3 Microwaves
4 Netbooks
Couch and two ottomans
Exercise Machine
Television set
Along with the donated school items from MDRT Foundation

Día fantástico!

Author | Date Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 at 4:38 am

What an experience this has been so far. No way a project like this gets done without a cohesive team and everybody working together doing their part to build a big engine that results in the playground being built.  It’s the essence of philanthropic giving and everybody give what they can. Every little bit adds up. Every block every grain of sand and you end up moving mountains. When everybody does their part no matter how small big things can get done.

The girls at the orphanage are connecting with all of us and they are looking at us as tías y tíos (aunts and uncles) and that special connection is not only touching but priceless.  You know when you are in the field doing philanthropic work you see the emotions that you had an effect.  These girls will remember that someone cares.

Today we took 35 girls to Pizza Hut and to the movies to see Tangle. Then we went back to the orphanage for a Fiesta,  The girls played instruments, sang lots of songs and danced for us and of course the food was excelente! We then let the girls play on the playground. The looks on their faces was nothing shy of Priceless! All that hard work digging 54 holes with a shovel and moving 100 tones of sand with long hours and hot days paid off at that very moment.

With very little effort and very little understanding we were able to raise $6700.  It may not seem like a lot to all of you guys in the states but heres what we get for it, this is what it did.  And it’s going to make life a little bit better for these beautiful young children at this orphanage.

Measure the value it’s going to create in the lives of these children.

The LifeQuest World Fund Team

First Project!

Author | Date Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 at 4:37 am

This is my first involvement with an MDRT Foundation “build” and it really has been an incredible experience.
The work has been strenuous but teamwork amongst the volunteers has been fantastic – knowing that we are all doing something worthwhile for young girls who have had a disadvantaged upbringing has kept everyone working to their capacity.

The friendships built and experiences shared since we started work, I feel sure will last a lifetime, as will our memories of working with the local caretaker Willy and his beautiful family.

I feel doubly fortunate to have shared this experience with my son Scott – he has often heard me talk about the people I have met through MDRT, he has now had the opportunity to meet and work with some of them and see the impact we can have on people’s lives.

If you ever had the opportunity to be involved in a similar program with the MDRT Foundation, I would wholeheartedly recommend it – the life it changes could be yours!

Ross Vanderwolf, 23-year MDRT member from Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia.

The MDRT Foundation provides engaging volunteer opportunities for MDRT members to network while making a difference for people in need worldwide. If you are interested in volunteering for a future MDRT Foundation event, please e-mail

First Playground!

Author | Date Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 at 4:34 am

This is my first playground build and “wow” what an experience! First we returned to the city – House of Hope, the orphanage, then began the playground build yesterday in earnest and nearly finished today. Here no one wears a title, we all wear the same shirts and work together building a commercial playground with everything you can think of for 70 girls who have had little. Many of the girls have been abused, and are given the opportunity of a lifetime to learn that there is an ok world out there and taught that their past is gone and their future is bright. Many of the girls worked too, provided lunch and did countless chores around and assisted with many aspects of the build. This is a humbling experience and I highly recommend for all MDRT members it will open your eyes to a new world. This was meant to happen for me and my fellow volunteers. I have been blessed.

Charles McDaniels, CLU, ChFC, 20-year MDRT member and Diamond Knight from Fayetteville, Georgia

The MDRT Foundation thanks all of the generous MDRT supporters whose contributions help us build stronger communities worldwide. You can help us provide hope and opportunity to many more children and families in need by making a secure online donation today.